It’s been a wild ride of sorts here in the Northeast.  An epic hurricane followed by a nor’easter. No power. No phone. No tv. No hot water.  No (perish the thought!) internet.  Wind damage. Tree damage. House damage.  For days to weeks and more, our daily grind was the opposite of convenient. 

Our region and communities bonded as we individually struggled with a normal that was not normal.  We shared stories of where we were and what time it was when the lights went out, or where the tree fell on the house, or how we passed the time in the dark and tried to stay warm.  Some discussed which alternating day we were entitled to our gas ration and how glad we were for only a 2 hour wait. We all also have stories of kindness bestowed upon us by others.

Most, but not all, areas have now been euphemistically described as “energized.”   But is life really back to normal? 

It’s  Suddenly Sandy.   I think all people touched by the double whammy storm are changed. For some, the change may be as simple as making sure that fresh D cell batteries are always in the house.  For others, the changes are more pronounced with symptoms of anxiety and depression, such as insomnia, irritability, and tearfulness.  As cleanup and restoration broadens, we are sure to see physical illness from infections , for example, from mold and body overuse syndromes such as back pain and joint pain.

If these symptoms sound familiar and are interfering with your daily life, contact your healthcare provider to get the support that we all need through these tough times.

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